Как написать сочинение по английскому на тему School Uniform?

There’s no doubt that wearing a school uniform can help to solve school problems, especially those ones connected with the discipline. This issue has always been very important and has to be discussed. Без сомнений, ношение школьной формы может помочь решить некоторые школьные проблемы, особенно связанные с дисциплиной. Этот вопрос всегда был очень важным и его необходимо обсудить. Most people think wearing a school uniform shows: first, a sense of belonging to a school, second, students are proud of their school though everybody looks the same. What is more, fashionable clothes can distract some students from their study and break the discipline. Большинство людей думают, что ношение школьной формы показывает: во-первых, чувство принадлежности к школе, во-вторых, ученики гордятся своей школой, несмотря на то, что все выглядят одинаково. Более того, модная одежда может отвлекать некоторых школьников от учебы и нарушать дисциплину. Some people believe that students who can afford...
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Английское сочинение

Throughout the world there are many different opinions about what is needed is generally a standard form high school

Personally, I tend to people who are for the introduction of school uniforms. First with the introduction of school
uniforms, all students will be equal. There will be neither rich nor poor. Secondly, I believe that school uniform sets for
training. Moreover there will be more order, the children will think about studying. In addition, parents will be easier to
live, will not have to constantly think of what to wear children, it facilitates parental costs. In addition, each school
can come up with its original shape. Among the students can hold a competition for the best idea of school uniforms. The
best ideas to reward various gifts to the children was a small incentive. As a result, will be interesting and useful.

However, there are people whose opinion is negative. Moreover,...

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Сочинение - это всегда три основных части: вступление, основная часть, заключение. Вступление может быть от одного предложения до абзаца. Для данной темы оно может быть обобщающим (о традиционности школьной формы), рассуждающим (о ее необходимости) или еще что-нибудь подобное. В основной части нужно описать то, что требуется раскрыть в качестве темы. Если сочинение идет после изучения темы, оно должно быть связано с этой темой, например, о школьной форме в Англии или Шотландии, или что-то еще. О том и писать. Можно разбить на подразделы. Об истории, о задачах, о вариантах, об отношении учеников, об интересных фактах, Вам известных, связанных с этой темой. В заключение нужно обобщить сказанное и, по возмоности, увязать со...

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The idea of the return of school uniforms in schools is becoming increasingly relevant. Today, in many schools, gymnasiums and lyceums school uniform becomes compulsory. School uniform for girls and boys has many advantages:
smoothing of social inequality, which could adversely affect the psyche of the child;
education for child domestic discipline and good taste for elegant business style;
create a sense of community and solidarity with the class, school
School uniform, as any children's clothing should be comfortable, practical, High-quality, in some measure, fashion, and the main thing - it must be like the students themselves.

Идея возвращения школьной формы в учебные заведения приобретает все большую актуальность. Сегодня во многих школах, гимназиях и лицеях школьная форма становится обязательной. Школьная форма для девочек и для мальчиков имеет много преимуществ:
сглаживание социального неравенства, что может отрицательно сказаться на психике...

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Помогите написать два сочинения по английскому на тему:

1) discuss the pros and cons of wearing a school uniform.


— a uniform disciplines

— you feel that you belong to a certain group

— it’s easy to say to which school a child goes to

— schoolchildren don’t envy each other

— schoolchildren can concentrate on work rather than on their classmates’ clothes


— when everyone wears the same clothes you can’t express your individuality

— you have to wear the same things every day and it’s boring

— you have to wear uniform even if it isn’t becoming (if you don’t look good in it)

— your peer who don’t have to wear a uniform may laugh at you

2) imagine that you want to open a shop. What would your shop be like? How would you make it attractive for the customers?

1. proximately twenty years ago children wore strictly school uniform at school. But since the 1990s school uniform has been...
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School uniform is different. Someone who likes free, someone who likes simple. But classic school uniforms for me is still white top black bottom. Of course it is convenient to go to school in a free form, and the mood rises, but then everyone will go to school on the street, and discipline. In my opinion, school uniforms should be comfortable, but at the same time practical and beautiful. Not necessarily, that would be all as one went the same. It is important that at least the tone of the forms have all been the same. It often happens that someone form black, some gray, or even blue. It would not be bad if he had a choice between tunics, and skirts that could choose to wear a vest or simply a blouse. And we must, that there would be a day when students can come in free form. One day in the week. For example, on Saturday, in a short day, or Monday, which would have preserved the atmosphere of relaxation. So school uniforms in the first place should be...

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(Ответ 1):
The appearance of uniforms in the country associated usually with gymnasiums Tsarist Russia, and a subsequent stay of the Soviet Union is a requirement for students considered unconditional. Today, however, the need for school uniforms is not as straightforward, despite the fact that it has a number of advantages.
Single form — is, of course, a manifestation of the discipline. Putting it on, the student knowingly setting yourself up for a fruitful day of training side by side with their comrades.
Regular maintenance of the form allows students to exclude search clothes for the day, questions about her choice entirely disappear, saving the morning for school fees, freeing up valuable minutes as a breakfast or charging. This applies especially to the young fashionistas who think the most important aspect of selecting a wardrobe of his own life.
In addition, school uniforms, in fact, is extremely practical clothes, which are the major...

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1. proximately twenty years ago children wore strictly school uniform at school. But since the 1990s school uniform has been cancelled. Children chose themselves a school dress. Anyway, many schools nowadays have school uniform. Is it good or had? This question has both advantages and disadvantages.Now, let`s consider positive aspects.Firstly, the school uniform has strictness which make children study at school more seriously.Further more, school uniform makes children more disciplined.More than that it isn`t very expensive. And every family can afford to buy it.More over, school uniform removes social inequality because both rich and poor children wear the same clothes.Further more, there is no such a question what to put on in the morning. Now, let`s pay our attention, to same negative aspects.School uniform prevents children to be individuality. All are a like. One more, every day one and the same clothes.By the end of...

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Сочинение по английскому на тему School Uniform

School uniform is an integral part of school life in many countries. Most schools in Russia also require school uniforms. However, some school accept freestyle outfit. There are different opinions on how the standard school forms should look like. Some schools have dark blue uniforms, while others use dark red or dark green colours. Some schools in Russia accept white shirts and black skirts for girls and black trousers for boys. Nevertheless, all these school uniforms have something in common. They all look rather smart and strict. Children’s opinions on school uniform differ. Some say they like wearing it, while others prefer to wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. In my opinion, the school uniform has both advantages and disadvantages. First of all when children wear a school uniform, they realize that they are at school not at a swimming-pool or stadium. It adjusts them to school atmosphere and helps to study harder. Secondly,...
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напишите пожалуйста сочинение по английски на тему школа.

Our school is very beautiful. It is not small, but not very big. We have got 4 steps in it. On the first we have got a refectory and cloakroom.Refectory is rather comfortable and you can eat tasty breakfasts and dinners in it. Cloakroom is new and very clean. On the second floor is a primary school. We have not got lessons where. On the 2 and 3 floors we have got our lessons. We have got 60 klassrooms. They are light , evrywear we have got computers.I like my school very much.

Every day we dress a school uniform and we go all year long in same. Many schoolboys ask sooner or later a question: «Yes who in general has thought up this form?»
It would be desirable a variety, In the days off it should be erased, as in week we study also it it is necessary to carry. To wear the uniform a duty of each pupil of our school. Many say what every day to wear the same uniform not so pleasantly. And as on each person...

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