Как написать сочинение на английском "How I spent my summer holidays"?

Пишем сочинение о лете на английском языке!

Лето – это самая прекрасная пора года. Наверное, все с этим согласятся. Летом тепло и красиво, море цветов и фруктов, летом отпуск и каникулы, можно съездить к морю или в горы. Именно поэтому все так любят лето.

Как я провел лето на английском языке – сочинение с переводом

Будучи в школе, все мы сталкивались с таким заданием: написать сочинение на тему «Как я провел лето/Как я провел летние каникулы». Это же задание актуально и на английском языке, потому что на уроках английского оно также практикуется. Об этом мы и поговорим сегодня.

Как быстро написать сочинение?

Поговорим о том, как вообще пишется сочинение. Если вашему ребенку задали написать письменную работу на подобную тему, не беда. Главное – помогите малышу, дайте ему несколько советов, идей, чтобы ему было легче справиться с этой задачей.

Основная структура, по которой пишется подобная работа, состоит из трех частей: введение, основная...

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Небольшое сочинение на английском языке на тему летних каникул. Поможет подготовиться к уроку и потренировать свои навыки чтения и перевода текстов на английском языке.

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Текст на английском с переводом «Как я провел летние каникулы - How I spent summer holidays»

Summer holidays are the longest and the funniest vacations in the year. We’re always looking forward to the summer vacations. And when they come, we put our school backpacks aside and completely forget about boring school life. It’s time to have fun and take a rest!

This summer the weather was great! It was neither too hot nor cold. At the beginning of June...

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How I spent summer holidays

My name is Andrew. I’m sixteen years old. Summer is my favorite season. Summer holidays give the longest rest from studying of the year that’s why I like them so much.

In June I stayed at home and my parents were at work. But I was glad because at last I had time for myself. I read books, listened to music, watched films and visited my friend. I spend most days outdoors and got a nice sun tan.

Then I spent two weeks in the summer camp on the seaside. It was a real fun. I met a lot of new friends. Every day we enjoyed something special - games, carnivals, competitions, performances. We went to the seaside twice a day. There we swam, bathed in the sun, played volleyball on the beach, made sculptures of sand. We had discos every night, but not too long. I guess, those were the most exciting weeks of the summer. It gave me bright impressions, lots of funny photos and some new friends.

Then my parents were on vacation and so they...

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How I spent last summer

I think summer is the best season of all because it is warm, the nature is beautiful and we have great opportunities for rest. Summer is a time of holidays. We can go anywhere, spend our time near a river or a lake on fresh, green grass, swim in warm water, or climb mountains, play different games, ride a bicycle and so on.

I spend my summer holidays at my granny’s. There are many things there to do. What I did most of the time - I swam in the sea and sunbathed. Sometimes I made a fire with my friends at the seaside and cooked potatoes there. It was wonderful. We told anecdotes to each other, and did everything we wanted. I also got used to walk alone in the forest.

When August was coming to its end, I went on a small voyage by ship. The ship name was “Sevastopol”.

But this summer wasn’t for me only sugar and honey. I have passed through the graduating exams after school and entering exams in the university. So the bigger part of my...

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Текст, который поможет вам составить рассказ о летних каникулах для подготовки к эссе в школе или другом учебном заведении.

How I Spent My Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are the favorite time in the school year for almost all pupils. I adore them, too. The weather is fine; there are a lot of things to do, when you have so much free time.

Last summer holidays I spent partly in town and partly by the sea. In June my parents took me to the Black Sea. We lived in a beautiful hotel not far from the beach. Two weeks of our rest were devoted to sightseeing, bathing in the sea, walking in the mountains and visiting dolphinarium. I liked the Crimea very much and I really hope to return there next year.

When we return in town, it was really hot outside, so I had to stay almost all the days of July at home. In the morning I went walking in the park or biking, during the day I read books and watched my favorite films, in the evening I met with my friends...

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Топик на английском My Summer Holidays (Мои летние каникулы)

Most people like to leave their places on holidays. Some prefer a quite rest in the country or at their dachas. Others go to the seaside and enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the golden beaches of the South. A lot of people are crazy about travelling and feel great visiting new places, getting more impressions and knowledge about them.

As for me, I prefer going to the country on holidays. Almost every summer I visit my grandparents there. This summer was not an exception. In June I stayed in the country for about a month. There I enjoyed fresh air, pleasant views of the surrounding nature. I helped my grandma and grandpa about home and in the garden. I watered plants and weeded the garden, mowed the long grass.

Besides my grandparents, I have some friends in the country. This summer we went fishing and camping together. It was fun to play ball on the grass! Also we liked lying in the sun and bathing in...

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For many people summer is the best season in the year, and my family is not an exception. Both my parents love to travel abroad while they are on vacation. As for me, I also like seeing new places.

That's why, in June my family and I went to Turkey for three weeks. We swam, sunbathed, went shopping and went on a picnic.

One of the weekends we went on excursion to "Old City". There was a big stone tower and long narrow streets. I liked this excursion.

July came and we went to the Ukraine to our grandparents. Their house is near the river. We went fishing and swam in this river.

I usually spent August in the Crimea. We went to Balaclava. We shipped on the motor boat in the Bay. It is a very beautiful Bay.

Unfortunately, August was coming to its end. And now I look forward to my summer...

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Вот и закончилось счастливое лето, надеюсь, вы провели его так же восхитительно, как и я. Пора взяться за голову и начать учиться, кажется, так говорят все вокруг? Ну что ж, надо значит надо! Но для начала давайте вспомним летние весёлые деньки. Сочинение «Мои летние каникулы» на английском языке с переводом.

My summer holiday

Summer is so perfect; it’s the most appealing part of the year. I also like winter, because I can skate and ski. I enjoy spring with its romantic atmosphere. I appreciate autumn full of poetry and colored leaves. All seasons have something impressive. But summer is the queen of all seasons. Summer is a cushy time. You can get up wherever you want, spend all your free time with your peers, watching cartoons and films. Summer is a fairy tale for all pupils.

The summer in this year was also full of magnificent events. First of all, I spent 10 days with my family by the sea. It was so cool that I didn’t want to leave that magic...

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How I spent my summer holidays

I spent my holidays very well. At the beginning of June I passed all my examinations with excellent marks and my parents gave me a present. This present was a new powerful computer! But I did not only stay at home. I went for a walk with my friends, rode by bicycle. It is so interesting to visit new places in the city, by riding bicycle. My native city is Novosibirsk. I explored a lot of beautiful places, such as parks, monuments, fountains and other sightseeings. My favourite monument is a statue for Visotskiy. I think, Visotskiy is one of the greatest Russian poets and bards.
In July I went to a tourist camp for children Timurovets. I met many new friends there. We played many exciting games, sang different songs and took part in different competitions. It was very sad to leave the camp, but I didn’t feel bored at home.
I went to the river with my father. We swam, sunbathed and hunted for lizards there. I got a lot of energy by having a...

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Summer Season
We count six seasons in India. Summer is one of them. It is the hot season. It rules over May and June.

The earth moves round the sun. The part of it, which comes nearer the sun, gets the summer season. Because here the sun's rays are straight and direct.

In summer, everything is neat and clean. The earth is dry. Hence, there is no mud or marsh. Ways and paths are open to very place. Mangoes ripe in summer. We get plenty of mangoes. we get jack-fruits and pineapples. The shady groves of mango and palm trees are cool and beautiful. The cuckoo has not yet ceased to sing her music. The grass-hoppers make their merry dance on the cool blades of grass.

In Summer, the days are long. Hence we get more times to work. Even in summer comes last. So, the school-children got more times to play. The Summer flowers bloom in the evening. All the night they speared their sweet smell. The summer sky is clear and blue. Hence, the moon beams bright. Summer causes the...

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